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Communicate Health Benefits Information More Effectively

All employers have the responsibility of guiding their employees about health benefit schemes offered by them. Even the employees, on the other hand, have the right to receive information about the health benefit schemes offered to them. Therefore, an employer has the right to inform the employees about certain information regarding the health benefit schemes. For this reason, organizations have created the position of Health Benefit Department having serious communication being considered to be the most responsible regarding health benefit issues related schemes as well as its procedures.

Key information heads to be shared by employer

There is a plethora of information available for communication. It is the skill of the health benefit supervisor to present them in a structured manner on behalf of the employer.

  • Provide sufficient and necessary information about the composition of the provider network too
  • To use the emergency care services as when required by the employees of the organization
  • To obtain referrals to specialists
  • Employers need to provide a detailed list of information to the employees about what health benefit schemes are provided to them or the scheme they are entitled to
  • Providing information regarding cost sharing as well as arrangements
  • To take up necessary steps to resolve problem as well as to deal with appeals

Using health communication campaigns

What are its advantages?

– It is important for the employers to conduct communication campaigns to educate the employees about the need of health benefit schemes and how they operate.

– The responsible manager’s aim should be to identify the objective and aim of the health care campaign.

– To develop health care message that meets the objectives and aim of the campaign.

– To implement and the campaign and make sure that the employees understand message that is being conveyed by the employer.

– It is also necessary to make sure that the employees also to address the education need of the employees with language barrier, literacy issues, etc.View more information from


Tools and Methods for communicating.

healthy exerciseThere are various methods by which the Health Benefit Manager, on behalf of the employers, can communicate health benefit information to the employees:

– One of the best ways is to communicate with the employees about the health coverage plan but providing too much information of it should also be avoided. The employees should be given the required time to understand the scheme and ask questions, if any.

– Employers should be ready to face any questions asked by employees regarding the health benefit scheme and clear their doubts.

– It is equally important as well to be direct and honest when discussing about the coverage plan especially if employees face cost increase due to the coverage plan.

– Discussing the 5Cs too is essential with the employees. This 5Cs include cost, changes in plans, coverage of the plan, comparison of the previous year’s plan and also the current option.

– Providing testimonials of other employees about the changes in health benefit plans can also be quite helpful for the present employees.Click website at

Health plans and employers should also be able to successfully communicate with employees. Lastly, employees and employers should also be able to communicate clearly about the health benefit plans.